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“I used premier safe & vault movers to move my safe into my home.  When I ordered my safe I then set out to find a company that can safely move such a large and heavy safe.  The manufacturer said that it was 72x50x30 & weighed 1700 lbs.  This was way over my ability.  Lyle took the time to stop by and check out the lay out and what needed to be structurally reinforced.  I reinforced the structures where he suggested to and waited for the safe to be built and shipped.  Lyle kept in contact with me.                                              When the day came to move the behemoth in, he arrived promptly on time as promised in a unmarked truck and trailer.  In this day and age when advertising is the way one can grow his business, he put my needs and families security above the need to advertise.  The neighbors and people, cars passing by, it did not scream out hey everyone, I’m getting a safe installed in my house.  I thought that was very professional.  To get that large of a safe up the stairs and set where I wanted it in my home, it took 4 or 5 pieces of equipment that he had all neatly stored in his trailer, along with blocks, aluminum plating and plywood to protect my home and new safe from any damage that would happen along the way.  He took great care of my home and safe.  He did the job safely, promptly & flawlessly.  He takes great pride and care in his job and took great care of my home and new safe.  I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a professional mover who is discrete and did an excellent job just like he promised.”

Terry H


“I own a relatively large safe (weighs in at about 2000 lbs – yes it literally weighs a ton).  I have moved it 5 times now.  It’s always quite a process.  I’ve used three different companies, because I have generally not been very impressed with the quality of the movers.  This time it was a completely wonderful experience.  Lyle was fantastic to work with from beginning to end.  We had a difficult timeline which he accommodated, including the prospect that he might need to store the safe for us for a short period of time.  He has impressive high tech tools custom manufactured to move even huge safes like mine.  It was such a relief to finally find someone who could handle this beast.  Top if off with the fact that Lyle is such a pleasant person to work with and you have the perfect combination”  Luanne S


“Thanks for the wonderful service moving my very large Gun Safe. I really like the fact that you are prompt and your moving equipment is top notch.  The first move was kind of wet, however, my safe was delivered dry and clean.  The second move was “Blue Bird” weather which is always a plus in the Pacific Northwest.

The price of your service is a great value and worth every penny. I will certainly call you the next time I need my safe moved”  John S



"I’m extremely pleased – we received a quick response and outstanding customer service form Lyle and his team. I will definitely recommend Premier Safe & Vault to anyone who needs a safe or vault moved. Keep up the good work!" ~Lorin Stanley