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Safe Moving – Vault Moving – Frequently Asked Questions – 503-991-2386

What can we move?

  • We move safes of all kinds including gun safes, home safes, jewelry safes, burglary safes and fires safes.
  • We move vaults, including: gun vaults
  • Fire proof file cabinets.

Where can we move your safe?
We can move your safe or vault from one location to another. But we also get called on to move equipment from one story to another in the same location. We can accommodate 2nd, 3rd level stories as well as garages and basements. We are always very conscientious about maintaining the appearance and integrity of your home!
We can also accommodate all types of commercial applications as well.

How much does it cost to have our safe and vault moved?
Each move has its own set of circumstances which will require an assessment to determine the man power, time and equipment that will be needed. Getting a quote is easy., either call or use our “Quick Quote” to tell us about your project.

What information do you need to provide a quote?

To get started we will need to know a few basic things to get familiar with your project:

  1. Where is the safe located currently and where is it being moved to?
  2. How heavy is the safe? If you are not sure of the weight, you can provide us with the manufacturer and the model number.
  3. Are there any obstacles that we will encounter? (Obstacles would include dirt pathways, uneven pavements, grass crossing, stairs or steps)
  4. Would you like the safe bolted down at its new location?

How do we get ready for our safe to be moved?

  1. Remove everything from your safe before we get there. Separately moving valuables will keep them from being damaged during the move
  2. Clear a pathway wider than the safe, from the door to the safe, move any furniture or rugs as we need room to move equipment around without any damage or anybody getting hurt
  3. Measure doorway and new safe. (make sure to measure the handles as they often stick out)
  4. Have a pre-determined spot for the safe at the new location.
  5. Measure the new location for the safe to make sure we can get to the location of choice.
  6. Let us know of any staircases or landings, we may need you to measure and take photos in advance
  7. Keep in mind we need room for our stair machines, your safe and ourselves
  8. Also please have a back up location if needed on first floor.
  9. Before our movers arrive please remove any furniture, rugs, or other furnishing that will be in the direct pathway to your safe location.

Do you provide bolt down services?
We can only bolt into concrete floors. Not raised foundations and no second floor bolting or post tension slabs.

Do you do background checks on your employees?
We know how important your privacy is. Our drivers and delivery personnel have had background checks by State Police and FBI.

What are your hours of operation for safe and vault moving?
We specialize in evening and weekend deliveries and relocates to make it convenient for our customers.

What payment types do you accept?
We accept cash, MasterCard, Visa, Debit Card and check (with ID)


"I’m extremely pleased – we received a quick response and outstanding customer service form Lyle and his team. I will definitely recommend Premier Safe & Vault to anyone who needs a safe or vault moved. Keep up the good work!" ~Lorin Stanley